Canada - Ontario

Ontario - General
  1. Our Ontario
  2. Ontario - Genealogy and History Links
  3. Old Ontario Records   amazing amount of information available on this page for old parish records and data sources
  4. Ontario Archives Collections
Ontario - Kingston, Frontenac, Fredericksburg, etc.

Ontario - Lanark

  1. Lanark County GenWeb
  2. Newspaper Clippings  great resource of transcribed newspaper clippings from personal scrapbooks.
Ontario - Leeds, Grenville, etc.
Ontario -  Toronto, York Region & Greater Toronto Area
Ontario -  York Region
  1. Richmond Hill Voters List - 1879
  2. Richmond Hill Voters List - 1894    (note, check the same for other Richmond Hill, Vaughan,, and Aurora Voters Lists from various years)
  3. King Township Historical Society - Newspaper Archive