General Resources

This is a list of sites that are good general resources for information on a wide variety of subjects. A catch-all of sorts.

Please note that all paid sites are denoted by $$$.  All other sites provide free information.  Some free information sites may reference sites that require payment, but the general basis of the site is free.

General Genealogy Sites
These sites include links to other sites that you may find valuable.
  1. Olive Tree Genealogy
  2. Cyndi's List

General Data Sites
These sites will provide you with international sources for data such as birth, death, marriage, immigration, etc.   In some cases the results will provide a scanned copy of the actual certificate or record.  In others it will provide you with a source or reference number and tell you where you can order that record from.
  1. Family Search    (free, with some results directing you to paid sites)
  2. Ancestry   $$$. (this is generally a paid access site, however keep your eyes on it, as periodically there will be free access to various records - ex military records around Veterans Day, etc -  and quite often various records are maintained free to everyone)
  3. Find my Past  $$$.  (this is generally a paid access site)

General Resource Sites and Databases
These are worth trying, if they're not already on your go-to list for general research.
  1. Google
  2. Mocavo    A free genealogy specific search engine.  (note it may lead you to paid sites)
  3. Internet Archive   Fabulous resource for old books, directories, photographs, websites, etc.

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